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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the time. time will be little bit earlier by a few hours in some of the onsets of the conditions here. let's get you going though with a look at irene. first things first we are under a tropical storm watch here in washington. tropical storm warnings from southern north carolina inland anyway down through florida but on the eastern north carolina coast, the area in red, that's a hurricane warning for just about everybody in eastern north carolina. and hurricane warnings now look at this have extended into parts of southeastern virginia, and also this is brand new information, now getting hurricane warnings have been extended along the coast here of the dell mar, the state of delaware. entire delaware bay and now coastal new jersey hurricane warnings have been issued there. the counties in yellow will turn red later on. then we are going to be now under it looks like tropical storm warns for us especially along the tidal potomac and the chesapeake. that will be updated and tropical storm warnings have
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just been issues. i have not had a chance to read the 5:00 advisory but you can see what's happening here as the storm is moving off toward the north. due north now no longer a northwesterly track. still has that eye at times more evident than others and if you follow the line there, it's going right up that line. at the moment. hurricane center as of 5:00 a.m. winds 110, gusting to 135. pressure holding steady at 9.42. that's lower than yesterday morning though and we'll watch this strengthen to a category 3 if not category # storm. close to it i think at times over the next 24 hours and frock chases as well. -- fluctuations as well. by saturday 2:00 a.m. now, it will be approaching okracoke in eastern north carolina. by saturday 11:00 and this is faster, we thought this would be more lick sunday morning but the -- like sunday morning but the forward speed increasing. passing norfolk as a category 3 storm approaching ocean city here during the early morning
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hours weakening to a category 2 storm here sunday morning. sustained winds at 110 and gusts 110 to 120 and then by sunday late morning just off the jersey shore approaching southwestern long island. well really have to worry about that. the damage it could be doing across long island, connecticut and new england and rhode island sunday afternoon as the storm system pulls away from us. that's a little bit of a change. around here with tropical storm conditions saturday night and sunday morning. winds potentially 30 to 50 miles per hour and several inches of rain but sunday afternoon things will get better. today, 77 here at 9:00. 86 at noon and this morning a few showers and storms in southern maryland. no real lightning showing up and also the northern neck. monika samtani stepping in. she's got timesaver traffic. i'm happy to say if you're an early riser it's a good idea to get out, get to work and get back early to prepare for the weekend. we've got the green light right now, going to take you around
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town. on the beltway we're going to zoom into the outer look and take a live look where it's nice and quiet. all the way from 95 to 270. back out to the maps and zoom in to 270, southbound out of frederick, a live look at route 109. no problems here right down toward jermantown and to the point where the lanes divide. a look at the travel times -- in my next report, a look at 95 in maryland at 5:10. back to you. thank you monika. right now hurricane irene is brushing up against the coast of north carolina. >> this morning, 65 million people are in her path and d. c. officials will begin handing out sandbags to residents starting at noon today. you can get them at new jersey avenue and k street in southeast until midnight. meanwhile the governors of virginia, maryland, new jersey, north carolina all have
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declared states of emergency. >> in ocean city, maryland, the mayor ordered mandatory evacuations there. >> and airlines are canceling flights to many east coast cities through the weekend to get planes out of storm's way. and amtrak is also canceled most passenger service south of d. c. >> and power companies all along the east coast have added extra crews just in case irene knocks out power. surae chinn joins us live now from the pepco staging area at montgomery county fairgrounds in good faith figure. a lot of trucks -- gaithersburg. a lot of trucks so far? >> reporter: this is the usual staging area for any emergency preparedness and such is the one we're expecting this weekend and behind me you can see the utility crews that have been brought in from out of state. they are three rows deep. you can see them you all right there and they are at the ready. now, check this out. here are pallets and pallets of bottled water for all the crew members who will be working very, very hard throughout the
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weekend as irene approaches. now crews have been out yesterday securing lines and working on the system. pepco has pumped in $500 million on its reliability plan to prevent outages but with this approaching hurricane, you can expect widespread outages, downed power lines and trees and so forth. pepco has been meeting since monday making sure they are ready and have brought in extra support. >> already, there are 150 crews from first energy in ohio that are on the property. we have over 300 tree crews. we have over 300 linemen that are contractors that are already on the system. we've doubled the number of customer service representatived. we've retrained the current service representatives. every -- every customer -- every employee in the company has a second job. >> reporter: now, pepco is also urging people to contact loved ones, family members, friends. also pepco is reaching out to
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folks who have special medical needs and they're being registered so in case their power does go out that they have the necessary equipment to keep those medical equipment running. so be sure to contact pepco. they also urge if you do see power lines to stay away from them and contact the company. back to you. >> all right, surae chinn reporting live from montgomery county fairgrounds. laurel police are telling people you can stay put. police say someone is making hundreds of prank phone calls, telling people in laurel to evacuate ahead of the hurricane. they say more than 500 residents have gotten these phone messages telling them to leave towns because irene is on the way. but again they are bogus calls that are going out. laurel, maryland is not under any kind of evacuation order. one of the consequences of the approaching storm? sunday's formal dedication of the new martin luther king, jr. memorial is canceled. organizers of the event announced thursday the threat of the hurricane gave them no
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choice but to postpone the long planned dedication. no new date has been given though organizers say it would probably be sometime in september or october. >> i think we all are saddened by this. we remain optimistic. i remained optimistic all day but mother nature is mother nature. >> the gala planned for the saturday night is also canceled. weather permitting, the memorial will be open to the public on saturday from 7:00 in the morning until noon. this morning, six prince george's county schools will remain closed because of tuesday eastertide quake -- >> so are -- engineers will inspect the schools today, classes though are expected to resume monday. all other schools in prince george's county are open. our coverage of hurricane irene continues when 9news now
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returns. the storm has already passed be florida. find out how residents there fared in a live report at 5:10. grab a pen and paper because at 5:20, we're going to run down a list of supplies you may need for aen. up next though a quick check of the forecast to get you out the door. we're back with your weather first in just a few minutes.
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on this friday morning, quiet for most of us though in southern maryland we're watching a few showers and some moderate downpours as well on live doppler 9000 hd. you can see it if we take the
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graphic into the radar please. mechanicsville seeing the rain moving to calvert county and brandy wine and baden through route 5. hurricane warnings have been posted now for the coastal areas from north carolina up through the lower chesapeake. up to sandy hook, new jersey and we are in a tropical storm warning here as we head into saturday, saturday night and early sunday. as far as today is concerned, an early shower, little fog north and west. some sunshine and a lit day storm not out of the question. highs in the mid- to upper 80s. monika? we're going to slide south on i-95 in maryland leaving baltimore all the way toward jess up. laurel and the beltway. everything is clear right now. in my next report a look at virginia roads. our time right now 5:10. howard will have the latest on where hurricane katrina is headed. plus, weal have a check of the -- we'll have a check on the list of things you might need in your emergency kit just in case she knocks on the door
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welcome back. just about 5:15 now. authorities in south florida say at least eight people have been hurt already because of hurricane irene. the storm brushed against florida's coast and is now heading north.
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claire sims from our sister station, wtlv in jackson, florida joins us now live with more. just how bad is damage in that area? >> reporter: at this point we are still watching the storm. officials are very worried about what this will do to the sand on the beach. we're already getting a lot of waves picked up. we are behind a seawall. this is a boardwalk, there's a seawall on the other side. the ocean is coming up over that this morning and this could be a potentially dangerous situation. so officials here have closed the beach. normally during the daytime they are taupe cars, cars can actually drive on this beach but obviously there's not enough beach for them to do that today. they have shut that down and expect that to be closed through at least tomorrow morning and saying they're going to have emergency officials out here watching but please don't get in the water. this is not the time to try to surf especially if you haven't done it in a long time. we're live in st. augustine beach, claire sims, now back to
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you. >> we appreciate it. stay safe down there. all right, i have my phone with me. and i have downloaded the weather app from wusa9 and i have alert there is already talking about -- >> tropical storm watch. you might be safe. >> it's free. >> tropical storm warning. is now in effect for washington and with the hurricane warning for the lower chesapeake and the atlantic coastal areas including the entire state of delaware under a hurricane warning and i'm just -- >> we also have a flash flood watch now. >> flash flood watch? that's like the least of our worries right now. >> it just shows you how quickly it updates. >> oh, yeah these things are coming out with storm surge expected anywhere from 6 to 11 feet along the atlantic beaches in jersey and maryland and not quite that much here in the chesapeake, but you know you have to take this seriously. specially if you're watching this south and east of town. southern maryland, the eastern shore. going to be a worst storm for you as you're closer to it. let's get going this morning. with a look at irene. there she goes spinning --
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we've color enhanced the cloud tops. the colder colors are the taller thunderstorms wrapping around the center of circulation, one thing you can see as we look at it. the little pinhole in the middle here. that's the eye of irene. pretty tight eye right there. sometimes seeing better than others but moving up the line, maybe slightly east of due north so if it's not moving at 0, it's moving at 5 degrees or 3 degrees i'd say in that direction but officially north at 13 miles an hour with winds at 113 gusting to 125 making it a category 2 storm. we expect it to strengthen to category 3 now and by late tonight and early tomorrow morning, the time of arrival was sped up by the national hurricane center. so hatteras is going to take a direct hit. most of the outer bangs there coming there coming pack over the atlantic here as we head in towards saturday during the day. and by saturday night here, now, maybe it's almost up to
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wall ups just offshore by about 20 or 30 miles passing ocean city towards sunday morning weakening down to a category 2. still a formidable storm. winds could be 100 and gust to 10, 115 right along the shore and with those tremendous waves it's going to be a lot of damage there with the beach erosion as well. not to mention what could be a foot of rain along the coast and then this thing looks like it cuts maybe into the nassau suffolk border right up interstate 91 there through central massachusetts. that's a little bit more east than what we had earlier. tropical storm warnings in effect for the washington region but the hurricane warnings from coastal north carolina through parts of southeastern virginia now. the lower chesapeake bay. the dell mar va, all of delaware now, most of new jersey now with watches north of that. tropical storm warning means we could be seeing winds 30, 40, 50, 65-mile an hour gusts in those areas of course with heavy, heavy rains.
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the further west you go the better the conditions will be. today not a bad day. 73-degrees with sunshine at 8:00. noontime temperature 83. winds turn to the east and southeast this afternoon. slight chance of a thunderstorm highs in the mid to the upper 80s and by 5:00 partly to mostly cloudy and 81. looking at the doppler this is morning, look at this. we have got some heavier showers here down from reedville and st. mary's and even southeastern areas in prince george's county. we'll zoom in on live doppler 9000 hd and you can see from quantico to mechanicsville up to benedict now and baden. this moving to calvert county. you will get wet here and down across the river down to colonial beachheaded back to leonardtown and pax river as well. we're 71 in town. and there's been a touch of fog in a couple of spots this morning. under partly to mostly cloudy skies. light winds and it's muggy. dew points in the upper 60s. we'll show you the satellite and radar with the front yesterday. that gave us the big, big
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thunderstorms that did -- well, they were a number yesterday especially falling south and east of town. the futurecast into the afternoon, spotty thunderstorm here or there. tonight the clouds will start to thicken up toward tomorrow morning with some lighter showers in the morning. as we go through the day, here comes irene. and we'll watch irene as we go through saturday night into sunday morning. maybe, maybe just offshore of hatteras by midnight saturday night or just over hatteras or maybe just west of hatteras. this could go either way. breezy to windy by tomorrow night. rain increasing. saturday night into sunday morning. severe weather alert day with irene. sunday afternoon looks better and windy but 84 as we clear out and then next week, hey, it looks pretty good. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. highs in the low to mid- 80s. monika? we still have the green light howard. we're going to take a look around the area and if you're planning to head out early this morning i think you're going to be just fine. in fact let's take a lack at the beltway. everything is looking fine with
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all the green cars temperature south side of town and take a live look in virginia on the northbound side of i-95. traffic still moving very well from dale city right up toward lorton and springfield. this time out west over to 66. zooming in here and let's take a live look if you're planning to head out of manassas this morning, no problems but the rest of the area all the way through centreville, fairfax, route 50 to the belt way, everything is looking fine right now. now over to the travel times, first of all starting off with the outer loop of the beltway north of town -- in my next report a look at 395 at 5:26. back to you. we are now slightly more than 24 hours away from the arrival of hurricane irene. >> which means you still have some time to prepare and practice your evacuation plan. the insurance information institute recommends five steps. first, identify and map out your evacuation points.
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could be a home of a friend, a hotel or even a shelter. second, take only what you need. personal items, prescription ms, bottled water and even food for the pets. >> don't leave behind any important documents. gather your driver's license, insurance policy, social security card and other important personal papers. and to find out if you're really ready, take the 10 minute challenge. that's all it should take to get your family and belongings into the car and headed to safety. 5:21, before we take a break, here's at look at the question of the morning -- here's a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. karen martin wrote -- >> log on to wusa9's facebook fan page and leave your
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response and we'll reveal the answer later this morning.
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5:24. tropical storm warnings in effect tomorrow and into sunday morning. but this morning we've got showers and even downpour in spots coming from charles and st. mary's county down into the northern neck. colombian beach showing the showers and calvert and southern anne arundel.
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a little bit of shower activity this morning along with the eastern shore. for the rest of us a decent day today. we'll see sunshine. isolated showers by 9:00 we're into the middle 70s and by noon pushing into the low 80s. a pretty good afternoon around here in spite of the fact we will have a spotty shower. mid- to upper80s. good morning everybody, well, ring the bell. school's in session and we're talking about football school and right off the bat. redskins, ravens had the exam set for last night. both wanted the find out exactly where they sad heading into the regular season and let's check et out. it was test time. preseason game number tres. sexy rexy getting the start. first possession not good. he gets mauled and the pass falls incomplete. skins going three and out on the first possession. baltimore's first possession now. deangelo hall. call him sticky fingers deuce trey and not just intercepting
5:26 am
the football. he's a doctor and he's making a house call. it's 7-0 washington just a couple of plays in. nothing doing on grossman's first two possessions. john beck comes in though and takes a shot down field immediately. triple a. anthony armstrong. mm good. that was 33 yards. couple of plays later, tim hightower, a nice little cutback here and he sees the pylon. running running and run in run in. 37 yards, redskins rolling. into the first half now, rex getting hot. 18 yards to armstrong. couple of plays later he goes 14 back across the middle to jabar gaffney and then has the nice pass here. watch the pir row et spin by santana moss. grossman on the drive. at recess, beck comes back in the third though. short screen for terrence austin. into the zone. 21-14 at the time but the ravens win it 34-31 on a late touchdown in that one.
5:27 am
redskins now 2-1. all right, that's a quick look at sports this morning, i'm dave owens, have great day everybody. good morning, i'm monika samtani with timesaver traffic. taking a live look northbound on i-395. still looking good leaving here at duke street up to glebe road and the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report, we'll take a closer look at district roads at 5:42. you're watching 9news now, stay with us.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now, it's 5:30. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, here she comes, thank you for joining us this morning, we're glad you're here. here's monika samtani before we pitch it over to howard. you have something you want to add about the bay bridge? >> we've been checking on route 50 and the bay bridge and in touch with the traffic opposition center there and they will open up lanes on the as needed basis there. traffic is normal there but it
5:31 am
could change throughout the day. >> stay away from hurricane irene throughout the morning. >> the reason why? people leaving the ocean getting back in because of irene. >> that's just the safer place to be. i mean there were hurricane warnings now along the coast, the low earaches beak bay, into d. c., tropical storm warnings. so national hurricane center expects we're going to see some of that and i have no reason to disagree with them. here's a look at the watches and warnings as they substantial doubt right now from the florida coast northward but to get to the carolina coast northward, all that area in red, those are hurricane katrinas for the entire carolina coast. southeastern virginia. the lower chesapeake bay. this does includes parts of the northern neck as well. across the delmarva now coming up here and you can see that the coastal counties here all of delaware, all of -- well, all of new jersey along the coast here up to philly, the delaware river under hurricane katrinas and watches extend now up into new england around here the yellow, those are tropical storm warnings for the central,
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middle chesapeake and the d. c. baltimore metro areas, southern maryland and the eastern shore of maryland. up to frederick county and points west, further away from the storm you won't see the winds or the rain that we're expecting on the east side of the storm and the east side of the metro. here's the storm now couple of things going on. a little bit of up shear and some drier air trying to work in but the water is very warm below this and it is also got a very well defined circulation. so they'll be battling to see if we can get a little stronger or maintain intensity as the storm is now moving about due north at about 13 miles an hour. category # storm. 110, not 115, not category if but it will be somewhere 23, likely over the next couple of hours, tomorrow morning, this is faster than what you were looking at last night. tomorrow morning making lands fall maybe somewhere near okracoke and hatteras. kitty hawk, the folks are going to be unfortunately on the strong side to have storm and then by saturday night, this
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storm will be passing virginia beach. overnight saturday night to sunday morning, its passes ocean city. as a category 2 storm with winds at 100 miles an hour. personal gusts even higher than that. for us we could have winds gusting 30, 40, 50 miles an hour in the metro with even higher wind gusts on the eastern shore and by sunday late morning it approaches nassau county, new york, fire island, jones beach and areas in suffolk county and then into connecticut and massachusetts and new england as we head into the stamp hours on sunday. around here today, your day planner, this is a decent day ahead. we'll have temperatures in the mid 70s to low 80s by noon. this afternoon, an isolated shower or storm could pop-up. this morning, we are looking at a few showers and storms which have popped up already down in southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia. so yeah, a little boundary down here being a little active. for the rest of us relatively quiet but in calvert county. get ready from plump point.
5:34 am
benedict, st. leonard, leonardtown, lexington, going to see this head towards you. mechanicsville as well and coming from colonial beach as it starts to pull away from visibility is an issue this morning, leesburg has fog at one-half of a mile. we're going to watch the storm move in tomorrow in the afternoon and really pick up in intensity tomorrow night into sunday morning. today 87 and tomorrow 82 and then 84 as we head towards sunday. monika? well, i have changed the light to yellow and that's because of one accident possibly on the southbound side of i-270. live right now on the southbound side we saw the flashing lights coming down to shady grove road. be aware of that into in area. let's go out to the maps. otherwise, it's been nice and quiet. we're going to zoom into the district and take a live look. first of all in the northwest corridor, taking a look at key bridge coming out of rosslyn and georgetown. you're going to be okay there. no problems there. let's stay in the district and northwest and take a look at
5:35 am
16th street coming out of maryland toward the u street corridor, everything is nice and quiet here and a quick look at southeast at m street and south capital street. again a quiet ride as well. the trains, everything is on time on metro, v. r. e. and m. a. r. c.. back to you. at 5:35, hurricane irene is the morning's number one story. >> category 3 hurricane battered the bahamas and southeast florida overnight and could clip north carolina's outer banks earlier than first thought on saturday. then hit virginia, maryland and delaware sometime on sunday. >> because of irene, sunday's formal dedication of the new martin luther king jr. memorial has been postponed. organizers of the event announced thursday the threat of the hurricane gave them no choice but to postpone the long planned dedication. no new date has been given though organizers said it would sometime be in september maybe october. pepco is not taking any chances when it comes to the storm. authorities sounded the alarm
5:36 am
to get crews from around the country to come over and help pitch in. surae chinn joins us from the montgomery county fairgrounds in gaithersburg. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you mike. behind me are all the utility crews or trucks i should say. they're lined in and packed in here and you can see that it's very impressive -- for an impressive hurricane that is closing in on the east coast, mid-atlantic. but you can see that they are three rows deep and they're tightly like i said packed in here and ready to go. well, they've been preparing all week long. they've brought in 150 crews from out of state. i haven't counted the trucks but there are quite a few of them. they have 300 tree crews and 300 linemen at the ready while pepco has been trying to improve reliability that can't stop a hurricane from causing widespread damage. downed power lines and trees and outages. >> and if they see a downed
5:37 am
wire, that's a safety issue. stay away from the wire. but also call us to let us know where that wire is so we can dispatch a crew to make that area safe. >> reporter: and pepco has set up an online area where you can put in the power outages that might not help if your power is out but maybe put it on the cell phone. calling is always a good idea because whatever utility company you have, they need to know if there are downed trees along with a power lines so they know the appropriate crews to bring in to get you back online. back to you mike, andrea? >> all right, surae, thank you. well, safety is primary when anticipating a powerful hurricane making landfall. our ken molestina paid a visit to a family with a safety expert who offers tips every family should know. >> reporter: the family welcomed 9news now along with author and safety preparedness expert nancy stuart into the centreville home. together we toured the house looking for dos and don'ts in
5:38 am
preparing for a storm. what do you see here and what can be improved upon? >> as you shook at your shrubs and your trees to make sure there aren't any hanging limbs or if there's anything that can be trimmed. that's a good time to do it is right now before the hurricane actually starts. the bathtub should be filled with warm water. and the reason for that is if we lose our water supply, then you want to be sure that you've got some water to you know, to flush the commode and to also be able to use you know, in the sink be sure that every one of your windows is tight. if there's any little pinholes, where water can get in, be sure you caulk that. everything that we see here should be brought in. >> reporter: remind us again how easy it is for the things to become projectiles. >> reporter: what happens is that the wind will get up underneath the flower pot, the little children's stuff and even this lounge and just -- it goes up in the air and who knows where it's going to end
5:39 am
up. >> reporter: what is this? the essentials that a family should have? >> these are just some of the essentials. >> what are they and why? >> reporter: plan ahead so that you have a nice can opener and some things that you can eat. flashlights and lots and lots of batteries. just need to really think about what do i have for survival so last me five days and what is that contingency going to look like? >> reporter: they're tips anded a dice the young family said would help. >> the most interesting thing was filling up the tub with water. >> reporter: i'm ken molestina, 9news now. >> and nancy stuart says the most important thing is having a plan that every family is familiar with and now is a good time to start talking about it. and before we take a break, did you know that today is -- national cherry popsicle day. >> uh-huh, these cool sweet
5:40 am
treats are healthier than you think. they're mostly water which makes them healthy when it comes to other snack foods. >> but to make sure look at the ingredients and then eat and make sure to choose popsicles that are made from natural fruit juices. time for the united airlines travel forecast and this is a touch of fog here and there this morning at dulles visibility 6 miles under a few clouds and 66 degrees but nice calm winds. looking okay up to the north and west of detroit and columbus and chicago. a beautiful afternoon. 83 degrees. still out west, nice in kansas city at 89 but in denver 94 with a chance for thunderstorms. vegas today 109 but phoenix even hotter with a threat for a thunderstorm. 113. the west coast a-okay there. los angeles 76 and a nice summer out on the west coast. reno 97 and seattle. sunny and looking nice there too.
5:41 am
with a high of 82.
5:42 am
welcome back. 5:42. a little damp out here in southern maryland and parking lots of the northern -- parts of the northern neck, a little shower going around. here's a look at the day planner. we expect sunshine with the weather graphics and 75 degrees at 9:00 and 80-degrees at noon. late today there could be a stray storm. highs in the mid- to upper 80s more on irene in just a few minutes. right foul monika has the timesaver traffic. if you're planning to head on the southbound side of i- 270. there's an accident in the local lanes, two cars involved at shady grove road. it's on the right shoulder and the main leans are okay right now. we'll take a look at maryland roads up next.
5:43 am
back to you guys. thanks monika. just about 5:43 now. north carolina starting to see the surf move up as hurricane irene approaches. >> forecasters say up to 65 million people could be affected. drew levinson joins us live from kill devil hills, north carolina. what's going on there drew? >> reporter: well, good morning an free yea and mike. right now we are starting to see the surf start to kick up a little bit out here on the outer banks of north carolina. result of hurricane irene as it churns out there in the atlantic ocean. kill devil hills as well as the rest of the resort towns in this area are basically deserted now. most people heeded the advice of authorities and got out according to that mandatory evacuation that went into effect yesterday. those who didn't leave yesterday say they are going to get out today. most of the homes and the businesses at least many of them have been boarded up. these people here are prepared for a major storm and they know storms very well out here and they are taking no chances.
5:44 am
mike and andrea? >> all right, drew levinson reporting from kill devil hills, north carolina. be careful and safe. howard is up next with the latest on hurricane irene's track. plus, before we go to break, here's a look at who is celebrating a birthday today if it's your birthday today, happy birthday to you. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:47. we're all waiting for irene to come and go. you had a chance now to digest that 5:00 a.m. briefing. >> some of the storm surges
5:48 am
even in the lower chesapeake, maybe 3 to 6 feet as you head toward reedville and some of the areas in the hurricane warnings. they'll be lesser storm surges because the one is passing east of the bay, not west. this is not like isabel. isabel passed west. in the normal be a similar event but there will be some storm surge with it just not nearly as dramatic and along the beach, 4 to 8 feet or more there at ocean city. >> what about close? we're anticipating the worst for the beach and coastlines, how bad close in? >> well, the winds and the rain are probably a little bit morph a factor than the surge. still in washington winds on saturday night gusting to 40 or 50 miles an hour as we're close enough to the storm. but east ocean city and gust over 100 miles an hour. >> answer to? >> if that. it's going to be a fine line between who sees 3 to 6 inches of rain and less than an inch and i hope to get to that. the graphic will be shown later. irene moving north there. there's the storm, the eye at times visible, at times not.
5:49 am
it has sustained winds as it is east now of daytona beach and kennedy space center. suedes of 110 miles an hour moving north at 13 and gusting to 135. time line's been sped up a little bit by the hurricane center believing the landfall will happen before noon on saturday there. maybe to okracoke but west of hatteras across eastern north carolina tomorrow. by saturday night now being east of virginia beach and norfolk and the mouth of the chesapeake bay. parallelling just offshore of ocean city. and dewey and rehoboth here saturday morning. by sunday before noon, so this is a little bit faster so this will get out of here a little bit faster which is also good news. as far as the warnings that are in effect still some tropical storm warnings well to the south. hurricane warnings now from the north carolina, south carolina border eastern north carolina, southeastern virginia including the lower chesapeake. all the coastal theirs of the dell -- areas of the delmarva. delaware, delaware bay, much of new jersey now with watches north of that.
5:50 am
all the yellows around us, those are tropical storm warnings. i think gusts over 50 in spots by saturday night. with irene's winds by noon. the red area on saturday, these are the hurricane force winds, the orange could be considered severe storm -- thunderstorm winds in the yellow. southern maryland by noon. southern maryland, northern neck could be dealing with winds over 39 miles an hour and then tomorrow afternoon and evening this is when our wind are going to be the worst, certainly worst the orange area. in the orange area, that's a much more damaging wind area. the hurricane winds will still be there just that the hurricane service doesn't crop them out beyond about 48 hours. here we go looking at our local radar this morning. the showers that are popping here southern maryland and the northern neck down toward richmond and a live doppler 9000 hd, we've been watching this action from there up to calvert county. the northern neck as well. montrose pulling away from colonial beach. you may be down but leonard
5:51 am
town, st. mary's city. my friends at buzz's marina, you have some rain moving in for the next hour or so. 70 is hagerstown, cumberland is 63 this morning while reagan national at 71. under mostly cloudy skies. excuse me, calm winds and a dew points are way up. they're in the upper 60s. we're going to watch the futurecast today with the isolated shower or tomorrow this afternoon. also a touch of fog in one or two spots early this morning. toward tonight and tomorrow morning, lighter showers could be breaking out and them here comes irene coming up the coast here as we head into saturday afternoon and saturday night. the model though takes it further east and let's see if we can nudge that and get it out of here. but big problems starting tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow inge. tomorrow isolated storm 82 with the showers and storms increasing in the afternoon and tomorrow night a severe weather alert day for sure. sunday afternoon clearing late 84 and next week looks real nice for at times in the low to
5:52 am
mid- 80s. some problems right now and that's why we've given it the yellow light. 395 on the northbound side where there's an accident right here on the northbound side of the 14th street bridge right at the exit for the gw parkway. sitting on the shoulder but definitely going to be catching attention on the northbound side of 395 although the lanes are open. a look now from sky 9 at the accident on the southbound side of i-270 right there in the local lanes there stopping traffic to clean up the accident. there's two cars involved and they let the left lane go at times and then blocked it at times. go ahead and use the main line southbound on 270 here at shady grove road. a look now at the outer loop of the beltway. beginning to pick up from new hampshire avenue to university boulevard and then the pace improves as you can see. we'll take you over to a map. 95 the vw parkway heading south from baltimore, no problems right now. the green cars and a quick look at the travel times, we're going start with 66 --
5:53 am
in my next report, another look at our problem areas at 6:01. back to you. it's 5:53, another look at the question of the morning -- bobby herb posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page -- >> log on to wusa9's facebook fan page and leave your response and we'll reveal the answer in just little bit. and back to timesaver traffic, taking a look live from sky 9 on the southbound side of 270. if you're planning to head over to the local lanes this is what it looks like at shady grove road. the left lane is now getting by with the accident clean-up. we'll keep you posted on this situation. coming up in my next report, another look at this and other problem areas, stay with us.
5:54 am
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it is 5:56 looking at the live doppler 9000 hd with the lightning and one thing we're
5:57 am
not seeing? any lightning. so far, heavier showers along southern maryland and the northern neck and moving over to the eastern shore, no lightning with that and the showers extend down to richmond. maybe a little active there for the next couple of hours, a touch of fog this morning north and west of town also. by 9:00 mid 70s and by noon lower 80s and 3:00 87 and a stray storm this afternoon with a 6:00 p.m. temperature of 84. we spoke about how much rainfall. add the graphic quickly and quite a difference. right close to the track of the storm along the coast, the yellow and white areas from jersey, eastern north carolina, 8 to 10, 10 plus, a foot in some spots. but southern maryland to d. c., the greens are an inch or less and the blues go from 1 to 2. southern maryland, st. mary's county, 4 to 6 inches of rain or more but montgomery county, looking at maybe a half inch or less especially up toward the frederick side of the county. a big difference depending on%ly where this storm tracks,
5:58 am
monika? over to you. well, i'll take it because you know, should i do a. or should i do b.? i always said what would paris do? so now what will the world do without sage advice from paris hilton? >> i wondered that myself. we're going to have to find out from sandra hughes, she's got the details in this morning's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: hilton's show about the life is reportedly getting the ax on oxygen. the program's disappointing ratings are the reported reason. no comment yet from paris but she did have a meltdown recently when a reporter dared to ask if her moment had passed. just a year after coming out as a couple. the talk's sara gilbert is calling it quits with her long time partner. they will share custody of their children. they're creepy, kooky and soon they'll be leaving the great white way. the adams family is exiting broadway at the end of the
5:59 am
year. audiences loved them and the rest of the clan but critics not too much. the curtain may be closing in new york but a national tour starts in september. starring in "my idiot brother," paul rudd plays ned. >> i won most cooperative inmate four months running. >> reporter: when he gets out of jail, his sisters think they're going to ruin their -- he's going to ruin their lives. >> i think it is true probably that if you try and give people the benefit of the doubt, more often than not they will want to you know, rise to the occasion. >> reporter: "my idiot brother" opens today. that's your eye on entertainment, sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. you're watching 9news now at 56. >> chris: and very latest on -- 6:00 a.m. and the very latest on


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